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David Prideaux, and “fervent speculation” at the Oz

Gotta love how a paywall can – quite unintentionally – help solve a mystery/crime. Here goes how.
Today’s Oz website carried an “EXCLUSIVE” story: “No crime link to missing jail boss”. Not surprisingly, it was pay-walled, so I trotted off to my local library to read it for free. Sure enough, it contained no important, or even new revelations. Or so I thought at the time. Leaving the library, my eye caught one of those true crime books I usually assiduously avoid, but this time picked up – you know, like the sweet treat you might pick up at the supermarket checkout, to compensate for the thankless chore you’ve just done. Flipping through the book turned out to be quite one sweet treat – the (unusual) surname of a prison officer with apparent gangland connections was the same as that of the missing/dead Barwon prison boss the subject of the Oz article. The brother’s names are Peter Prideaux (of whom more about shortly) and David Prideaux, respectively.
Needless to say, Chip Le Grand in the Oz today draws no such connection: “Despite fervent speculation about [David] Prideaux's disappearance because of his job, neither his family nor police suspect foul play”. Then again, Le Grand doesn’t even know what year Carl Williams was murdered in (it will be the second anniversary this Thursday 19 April), saying that David Prideaux went missing in June 2011, “six weeks after his highest-profile inmate was murdered in the jail's maximum security unit”.
In fact, the timing of David Prideaux’ mysterious disappearance can be pegged to significant developments in the pointy-end aftermath of Williams’ murder. Some of these I’ve previously briefly alluded to, but my new sneaking suspicion is that in June 2011, David Prideaux may have been preparing to spill the beans on Corrections Victoria complicity in Williams’ murder – one possible occasion for this being the Matthew Johnson murder trial, which commenced three months after Prideaux’ disappearance. So why do I now think that Prideaux would not have held the “I saw nothing” line that everyone else at Corrections Victoria has so far successfully maintained?
In short, because of two material facts I didn’t know, or in the second instance, fully appreciate, until today: (a) that Prideaux’ brother was/is a prison officer with apparent gangland connections, and (b) Prideaux was temporarily NOT boss (general manager) of Barwon Prison at the time of Williams’ murder – a fact that has received no direct media attention at all. A Leadership Victoria tribute page to David Prideaux contains this (presumably unintentionally) revealing snippet on what Prideaux’ secondment c. April 2010 was like: “at a time when David was acting in a role away from Barwon Prison, David talked about how he was working incredibly hard and how this was impacting him and his family”. (Nicholas Selisky, aka Nick Selisky, was acting general manager of Barwon Prison at the time of Williams’ murder. He briefly gave evidence in Matthew Johnson’s murder trial, on 12 September 2011. Otherwise, there is no further public information on the where and why of Prideaux’ brief secondment, and replacement at Barwon Prison by Selisky c. April 2010.)
As for Peter Prideaux, his apparent gangland connections I am inferring from two slender mentions made about him in print by Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read. “Chopper” is these days usually touted as an ex-criminal, which I’m sure is more or less true, but his 2010 tome “One Thing Led To Another”, published shortly after Williams’ murder, also reads as a PR homage to a senior Melbourne businessman and gangland figure sometimes named, but more frequently only named by implication, as having arranged/ordered the murder of Carl Williams. For the record, here is “Chopper” on Peter Prideaux:
“One of the screws photographed with me was Big Peter Prideaux, a bloke with a real Aussie sense of humour, a hard man but a fair man. When Peter and the boys were in H Division [Pentridge Prison], the place ran like clockwork . . . Peter Prideaux will fight anyone toe to toe, fair and square, and is an honest, straight-down-the-line screw with a realistic attitude and that black sense of humour you need to survive in prison. Sadly, his sort are few and far between these days”.
- “From the Inside: Chopper 1”, Pan, 2012, page number unknown (Google Books search), possibly same as 1991 book also titled “From the Inside”.
“But one of [the H Division screws] Peter Prideaux, came to my wedding, and also my fiftieth birthday party [on 17 November 2004]”.
- “One Thing Led To Another”, 2010, p156.
The fact that David Prideaux may have been a “key witness” in the legal fall-out to Williams’ murder was actually made explicit in this report at the time of Prideaux’ disappearance. Curiously, none of the other “media reports” andspeculation” that that Age report refers to show up on a Google search.
Going back to Chip Le Grand in the Oz today (“Despite fervent speculation about Prideaux's disappearance because of his job, neither his family nor police suspect foul play”), I think you’ll find, Chip, that this fervent speculation is currently almost as invisible as Prideaux' corpse – and that instead, some hard (and probably not very palatable to his “family”) facts may be in plain sight.

Update 9 December 2012

Since the day Rupert Murdoch’s mother died on Wednesday, the Melbourne and national arms of his newspaper empire have played a sick game of good-cop and bad-cop with the ongoing what-happened-to-David-Prideaux mystery.  Between them, they have done a sterling job in trashing David Prideaux’ reputation/memory, if not also in derailing a current coronial inquiry into his disappearance.  

The broadsheet Oz broke the story: Adam Shand, “Break in case of missing jail boss”, Australian 5 December 2012.  There appears to be – unusually – no trace of this article online.  The gist of it was that David Prideaux apparently had a mistress, and that this information had caused an adjournment in current coronial inquiry (the article’s first para actually said the coronial investigation was “reopened”, but this hyperbole/lie was corrected in this next day’s Oz).  About one-third of the way into the article was the following para:

“Members of Victoria’ deer-hunting community had planned to mount a new search for Mr Prideaux’s remains last month.  But his wife Joanne angrily rejected the offer, accusing the hunters of having ulterior motives”.

This (side?) issue receives no other comment or reference.  (See also: Shane Fowles, “Prideaux search”, Geelong Advertiser, 12 October 2012)

The following day Thursday, the obituaries started raining down at News Ltd for Rupert Murdoch’s mother.  Perhaps out of respect, the Oz only ran a small, inconsequential follow-up story: Adam Shand, “Cops probe jail boss 'sighting'”, Australian 6 December 2012. 

However on the same day the tabloid attack-dog bared its teeth: Anthony Dowsley, “Probe reopened after possible sighting of missing Barwon Prison boss David Prideaux”, Herald Sun, 6 December 2012.  These are the opening para’s:

“A mystery witness claims to have seen missing prison boss David Prideaux interstate . . .Police have been called in to investigate whether a sighting of the former Barwon Prison head in a remote Australian town last month is credible . . . Efforts are under way to track down any intelligence about the experienced bushman, amid speculation he may have vanished to be with his mistress. The sighting was in a township to which his lover had moved”. (Ellipses are solely of known facts)

Note here that there was no intro/back-story on the allegations relating to Prideaux’ unnamed “mistress”/“lover” – just the tantalising detail that she had moved, at some stage, to the unnamed “remote Australian town” that an acquaintance of Prideaux’ had supposedly seen him in – once.

On Friday, the Herald Sun needed two journalists to write a story which added very little to the previous day’s, other than that the “remote Australian town” was now “a coastal town interstate”:  Anthony Dowsley and Mark Buttler, “David Prideaux did not respond to greeting but mate says it was prison boss”, Herald Sun, 7 December 2012

On Saturday, the Herald Sun had a front-page splash, naming the mystery town as – wait for it – Broome, but otherwise adding very little substance to a now three-days-old, very light on hard facts story.

For its part Saturday’s Oz rather bizarrely chimed in, with an unbylined (Adam Shand temporarily succumbed to shame, perhaps?) article, quoting the same day’s Herald Sun naming of Broome as the town, and introducing, for the first time in the Oz, the “mistress”/“lover” secret-bolthole aspect (assuming there was any truth in the initial information, re a bare claim of a "mistress" , it would be equally probative had Prideaux been murdered or committed suicide (added 10/12).  As if all this wasn’t dubious enough, the anonymous journo’s last two para’s read:

“Members of Victoria’ deer-hunting community had planned to mount a new search for Mr Prideaux’s remains last month.  But his wife Joanne angrily rejected the offer, accusing the hunters of having ulterior motives”.

Sound familiar?  There is also – unusually – no trace of this article online.   

I’ll finish with the last para of Adam Shand’s first salvo in the whole sordid mess:

“Conspiracy theorists have tried to link Mr Prideaux’s disappearance with claims that corrections officers had been involved in the murder of gangland murderer Carl Williams at Barwon prison in April 2010.  However, police have dismissed such theories as completely without merit”.

Wow, that’s a big claim, Adam – as well as a quantum leap from his colleague Chip Le Grand’s similarly-themed “fervent speculation” April 2012 article (cited above), which more factually cited the police’s supposed dismissal of sinister possibilities in Prideaux’ disappearance thus:
“At the time Prideaux went missing, then police chief commissioner Simon Overland said there was no evidence linking his disappearance to his job running Barwon Prison, where Williams was bludgeoned to death”.

Further update 2 March 2013 – Adam Shand joins the “conspiracy theorists”

In a well-researched article in today’s Australian Magazine, “My brother’s keeper”, investigative journo Adam Shand is back in business.  After an annus horribilis in 2012 – in which he could not seem to shake the out-of-his-depth Chip Le Grand from sharing his bylines, follow-up articles and transparently lame agendas – Shand has picked up where he seemingly left off in mid-2007.  That is, corrupt Victorian police had much to fear should Carl Williams ever give evidence against them

Fortunately for some corrupt police, in 2010 bit-player Matthew Johnson rather proved Shand’s 2007 point.  So is David Prideaux’ disappearance, and possible murder, a sequel by the same producer and director?

You can read Shand’s article for yourself.  But I’ll add a few salient comments.

Discrepancy in the key “last seen alive” time. Shand doesn’t notice the apparent discrepancy in the stated time that Robbie Dale and Prideaux set-off in different directions on 5 June 2011 – Shand quotes Dale as saying this was at 7:45am (which was about 15 minutes after sunrise on 5 June), while a recent News Ltd article has this happening at 8.30am “in good light”. (“The last sighting of Mr Prideaux was by his brother-in-law Robbie Dale as they separated in good light at 8.30am near Tomahawk Hut.” Mark Buttler, “David Prideaux's brother Peter says he is dead and did not fake his disappearance”, Herald Sun, 12 December 2012).

Mobile phone coverage* [see further update 22/3, below] – I’m pretty sure that this would be sketchy over most of the area in question, but I wouldn’t be surprised that you could get a call in from one of the high points close to Tomahawk Hut – and conveniently in this area (as Shand informs us, via a local expert), the roads generally follow the ridges, and not the the valleys.  It would be interesting to know whether there are some such handy mobile phone “white” spots.  Oh, and also to know how long after dark on 5 June (sunset was at around 5:09pm) Robbie Dale waited before driving to find a location with mobile phone coverage, so as to make his first Prideaux-is-missing phone call, at 9pm.  I’d guess that he left Tomahawk Hut no earlier than 8pm. (Shand is ambiguous as to whether Tomahawk Hut, or the point at which Dale made the call, is a “half-hour’s drive” from Mansfield – the former seems optimistic, particularly at night.)   

The CD-ROM-herring. Shand’s teaser-without-a-tease article in the Oz yesterday ("Gangland info with vanished jail chief David Prideaux"banged-on about what may, or may not, be a mysteriously missing CD-ROM, with top-secret gangland information on it.  Given that Mattthew Johnson apparently had copies of everything to do with Carl William’s co-operation with (honest) police at his fingertips before the murder, this lightly-reported fact – which of course happened under Prideaux’ nominal watch at Barwon Prison – is surely of more interest than a minor, at most, instance of a similar thing (perhaps) happening.     

The money-shot.  This is it:
Paul [Prideaux] has heard from underworld connections . . . that his brother [David] was approached by two people he knew on the Buckland Spur Track; one was a prison warder. While one kept Prideaux busy, the other shot him three times in the back, says Paul. His body was buried in a shallow grave nearby on flat farming country owned by a well-known crime identity”.

I should say that, as the next line makes clear, Paul Prideaux, and possibly Shand also, is by no means convinced that this hearsay may be fact.   FWIW, there is one prison warder named in Shand’s article, and David Prideaux indeed knew him.  Whether Shand intended this possible imputation (or is it just my imagination?), I don’t know.  However, I am guessing that Shand’s words here, like some of my earlier ones above, were meticulously chosen.

Further update 22 March 2013

As per the comments thread, I stand corrected:  Robbie Dale had no access to a vehicle on the day in question (he had evidently shared a ride to the site with David Prideaux, and of course, the keys to this vehicle went missing with David Prideaux).  From the comments thread, it appears that Robbie Dale waited at least until dark (i.e. after 5:30 pm) before setting off on foot to find somewhere with mobile phone coverage.

Update 15 June 2018

I’ve received two comments to this post through the back-door, via another post.  For legal reasons, I’ve deleted them, but now paraphrase them, shorn of some details, below.

David Prideaux’s brother-in-law Robbie Dale is the cousin of former Victorian detective Paul Dale.  If this assertion of fact is correct, I am mentioning it for genealogical completeness only, and no other inferences are intended.   

A person of interest to this tangled tale, whose name I have redacted, has been and still remains a silent partner in a large scale concrete-pipe business.  Another owner of this business, whose name I have also redacted, is a colourful and well-known Melbourne identity whose name has been associated with the murder of Carl Williams.

Choppers Wedding also had policemen as guests including the head of the homocide squad.

To link the attendance at a wedding over a decade ago by a retired prison office with the disappearance of another prison officer a decade later shows why you really are a clown that nobody takes seriously.

I guess you get your rocks off listening to Jon Faine in the morning. Another clown that people laugh at with his conspiracy theories.
Thanks for your ill-researched insult. Believe me, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than Chopper’s wedding guest-list. If Oz journo Chip Le Grand had actually done some research on David Prideaux – instead of doing a PR piece for a similar sort of clientele as Chopper’s books serve – I would have left Peter Prideaux well alone.

As for Jon Faine, I’ve never listened to him – I always thought he was a just big-mouthed boomer bore. But if so, he plainly ain’t the only such one in the village.
Well did anybody consider that he walked much further than the search area they so stubbornly stuck to? When stalking deer its very easy to keep on walking and walking especially if your tracking one. From the time he headed out in the morning to the time he was meant to meet up fo lunch was about 5hrs, the average bloke could walk 4km in the slow every hour so he is now up to 20km away!! And where were they looking? Im betting he was dead well before he was reported missing...dropped into a snow filled cevace and suffocated. No mobile and cammo clothes that u dont need anyway(deer are colour blind) not very clever at all....blunt but true. Or he was never there in the first place!! Picked up by another 4wd somewhere very easy to do. Anyway cheers
If anyone who decides to write an article on something like this, they should be forced to take the time to actually ask question towards the family and get a basis of information before making a pointless and crude remarks. As for you Johnny David was not the type of man to just up a leave his family without telling them,
It sounds like you may be close to David Prideaux, in which case let me first say, I am sorry for your loss.

I don't know what you mean by "pointless and crude remarks". I don't think that I've said a single unkind word about David Prideaux, but in case I've been misunderstood, I emphasise here that, if indeed he was preparing to give evidence against corrupt Barwon Prison staff, David Prideaux is/was an upstanding and brave man – and also an unusual one, at least as measured against the standards of other Barwon Prison staff.

I consciously avoided using the m-word (murder) in my post, for reasons, in part due to David Prideaux’ family sensitivities. The family are obviously in a very difficult position currently, and I am hoping that the forthcoming inquest at least brings some closure, if not also comfort.

In the mean time, in my opinion, the most likely currently available explanation of Prideaux’ disappearance is that he was murdered. If so, the unusual location of his murder means that it was meticulously organised. I would like to be more specific about what I mean here, but for legal reasons, won’t.

As far as Johnny’s comment goes, he seems to be having an each-way bet on (i) accidental death and (ii) staged disappearance. In my opinion, the second is highly unlikely, but the first is still quite possible (but not *the* most likely explanation). In dismissing staged disappearance, I don’t place any weight on your observation that “David was not the type of man to just up a leave his family without telling them”. While I accept what you’re saying, similar sentiments could presumably be said about many of the other people mentioned in my post – none of whom I would at this stage consider “upstanding” or “brave”. And no, I haven’t consulted their families first, either.
Forgive me if my words were harsh but standing on the outside looking in it looks sus in some ways. Family, police and media vanished as fast as he did. No follow up story...nothing!! bit odd or maybe u just want privacybut in doing this u just bread suspicion.
In the mean time, in my opinion, the most likely currently available explanation of Prideaux’ disappearance is that he was murdered. If so, the unusual location of his murder means that it was meticulously organised. I would like to be more specific about what I mean here, but for legal reasons, won’t.
What evidence do you have for this conclusion? Have you been to the Alpine National Park? If you were going to murder someone would you do it when he had a high powered gun in his hand? How was he murdered? With a sharp stick? No-one heard a shot. The kindest thing I can say is that you can't accept the simple over the complex and conspiratorial.
Yes, I have been to the Alpine National Park, although I am not familiar with the area in which Prideaux disappeared. To be honest, I haven't even thought about the logistics of Prideaux' actual murder - when I said "meticulously organised", I was thinking that the hardest part of the exercise was the "before" bit. And my opinion here remains.

As for "conspiratorial", I accept that there is no hard evidence to back my hunch. However, there is ample evidence of corruption at Barwon Prison at the time of Carl Williams' murder; see my "Ombudsman George Brouwer finds ghost ship" 26 April 2012 post.

Prideaux' disappearance in the lead-up to Matthew Johnston’s trial may be just a coincidence, of course. Just as a junior prison officer's officially-sanctioned 45 minute conversation, in Serbo-Croatian, with a witness/accomplice to Williams' murder could have been innocent chit-chat. The latter, at least, is how the mainstream media seem to regard it.

The hunting partner walked of the mountain as the missing man had the car keys on him, the police did not break in to his car till later the article states.therefore the 30 minute drive does not come into it.
Thanks for that info. While I take the blame for the error here, Adam Shand's article doesn't go into the logistics of how the car-less Robbie Dale eventually got help on that first evening. It would be interesting to know this.
Rob Dale left the hut by foot that night, he had an old cdma phone with no next g or 3 g coverage ,therefore had no signal. He walked several ks in the dark till he got to the top of a ridge & eventualy got a signal to ring 000.
There have been so many completly inaccurate statements made by Shand
& repeated by Faine that its almost laughable
Brother Paul this is for you, don't give up mate ur onto something real here, after all this time we can now honestly boil it down to 2 things, a staged dissaperance or foul play. If he has a mistress im thinking he's used the hunting trip to do a runner maybe...could have been picked up over the mountain by her. Police need to identify her then check mobile phone log to see if she was near that area at the time. Also I think its possible he was caught out and taken up there to be delt with. Rather than looking at outside dealings I would really look closer at the family as I think there's something nqr in the other camp. Anyway best of luck mate its hard yakka I know but keep pushing..cheers
Do you really think the Police have not thought or looked into such things ? Nice to see the brother get his 15 minutes, he always wanted to be famous.
I heard through a media source that the widow/deserted wife? Actually prevented a large scal search from taking place before Christmas. Police, Bushwalk Search & Rescue, Prison Officers and various hunting groups were involved.

She stopped it because media interest was upsetting her adult children.?

Adam Shand had the scoop on this but didn't want to upset the wife?

Why would anyone not want their husbands remains found?
one might be suspicious of the wife,s intentions in putting each person who wanted a definitive result whether good or bad,regarding the husband,s mysterious is apparent that the wife is having an affair with the husbands best friend,(who is a known womaniser,renowned for failed relationships and business ventures),who has seen an opening and swooped upon a bland ,in appearance and brainpower,wife.again,clearly with the intention of an easy but lousy sex companion,(the husband found it neccesary to have 4 lovers),and unlimited blood monies from the estate,(when made avaliable by the coroner),to improve his lot.(crayfish taste,but yabbie ability).seems THEY are perhaps hiding something.its all just too convenient.apparently though,two of the brothers are sincere in their efforts.
utter bullshit again anonymous.the cdma phones went out of commission in prideaux went missing june 2011.therefore mr dale MUST have had a digital phone.your lies will only incriminate you and those on your side,further.this will be settled with the truth and only the truth.

what a weird family the prideaux,s seem.a mixture of those who choose convenience to disguise truth.a narcicistic wife,who cares nothing of her husbands demise,(because she is a control freak,and he took on lovers,that she could not control),a brother in law who was within 1" of suiciding in his barn through guilt just 7 months ago.(guilt about what?),a couplle of sinister brothers who delve outside the law when it suits their pockets,a couple of odd sisters,one in particular, who look for the easy explanation,(one with some criminal history),and then,two brothers who have been reviled and banished because they pursue the truth,no matter how drastic or sad it may be,and finally,a poor soul who doesn,t know which is which,and just stays right out of it.(at his peril sadly it seems).i am happy to be an only child.who needs this!
not possible to have a cdma phone in use in 2011.they were made defunct in 2007.why this lie?..............
most of the family,and some of their offspring would not give a true account of proceedings,both past and present.i,d be inclined to ask of those on the outer limits of the family.still intimate with insider knowledge,and totally unafraid of ruffling feathers.go straight to the source and ask away.
There are NO independant witnesses who can vouch for Rob Dale,s account of things.NO person who can say they saw David Prideaux from noon 4th june until mr Dales report of a lost person at 9 pm the follwing evening,being the 5th of june.There is a 30 hour window,uncorroborated whereby ANYTHING could have taken place.Accidental shooting/cover up,a third party intervening with foul play,a good head start for a man intent on running off,with or without mr Dale,s assistance,or accidently shooting himself,(in that case where is the body?).Fact is he is missing,AND CLEARLY HIGHLY UNLIKELY TO BE FOUND IN THE SEARCH AREA,SO,WHY THE QUIET?.ITS NO WONDER A BROTHER WILL NOT RELENT AND CEASE THE SEARCH.TO ASK IS TO LEARN.SOMEONE KNOWS AND IS TELLING LIES,AND COVERING UP.The police have monumentally stuffed up this one it appears,right from the start.NO FORENSICS CONDUCTED.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Umm, some recent comments have been pretty ugly. Whatever you may think of David Prideaux's wife and children, it would be nice to cut them a bit of slack in their current situation, for they are blameless at the pointy end of Prideaux's disappearance/murder, AFAICT. In other words, I think they are best left out of this.

As for the comment: "Do you really think the Police have not thought or looked into such things?". I'm sure that the police here have pursued all leads here as vigorously as they have prosecuted (i) the leakers to the Herald-Sun that Carl Williams was a police informer, and (ii) the Barwon Prison staff complicit in the murder of Carl Williams. Oh and the prosecutions (or even warnings/demotions) score on the latter two, is "zip" and "zip".

On the other hand, there has been a high "body count" in and around Spring St since Carl Williams' murder and its high-level cover-up: Simon Overland, Penny Armytage, Sir Ken Jones and Ted Baillieu have all left/loss their jobs as a direct result of this cover-up - the latter two quite blamelessly.

I stress here that my interest in the David Prideaux matter is because of this. I don't care who slept with who, but I do care who is running my state.

The brother Paul Prideaux whilst playing Breakback Mountain up at Tomohawk Hut with the effeminate Adam Shand should get the wannabe Jon Sylvseter Adam Shand to educate him in the correct use of commas, apostrophes,capitalisations and spelling...Similar grammatical errors displayed by the vitriolic "anonymous " on this blog
I think some of this is bordering on defamatory now, especially when so many cowards leave their comments as anonymous.

Up until recently I enjoyed your blog & some interesting comments. It has now become a platform for clearly unbalanced & vicious members or member of this mans family. Its a wonder David Prideaux was the decent man he appeared to be coming from what is clearly a train wreck of a family. In the name of decency you should consider closing this particular blog..
To those who have observed a distinct lowering of tone on this comments thread, I take your point. I usually don't encourage trailer-park tattle, but there have been some interesting allegations made here (and I'm not talking about who slept with who). Of course, I have no way of verifying them.

Some nasty previous comments remain here (some other vicious AND pointless comments have been deleted) because there is a small chance, IMO, that their content, and IP addresses, could ultimately help solve this mystery.

Yes most of you dickheads are drifting off the point. If u can't offer any help to the brother then bigger off. Hate to break it to u guys but cops do stuff up and yes they did on this. The fact that nothing was found says it all, I believe the search area was not the original area where he met his demise. He could have driven his car there afterwards......what's that u say....but David still had the keys on him.....that's just what they presumed. If they actually searched the brother inlaw they could work this out.

now you are cooking with gas.your summation is as mine.glad to hear we have an open mind,while so many closed theirs 2 years ago.
There are many who appear to have turned this matter of immense importance into an opportunity to slang off at those they feel grieved against.What should be occuring is a united and concerted effort to establish the facts and the truth.If it transpises that it is a criminal matter,then so be it.Whilst lies and deciet are allowed to enter into this,then progress won,t be made.It really only serves as a smoke screen.I will stick to the facts and pursue the real story,and then we can settle the matter for keeps.It is my belief,that David Prideaux is not in the region of the Buckland spur.That is why no trace of him has been found.What we need is to learn why we were led to believe that this place around Tomahawk hut was where he was last sighted.This to me is an untruth,and a decoy location.Extreme effort and pressure must be put on the man who supposedly was the last person to see him.Crack him and the truth full account will then be known.
I before e except after c Paul
Thanks everyone for your factual comments and spelling tips (not so much your vitriol, though). I'm closing the comments thread now, but leaving most previously posted comments intact, for now - see my last comment for the reasons here.

Hopefully, the respective "sides" here are roughly equally represented in the comments to date. But if you want to continue your stoush, sorry - you'll need to find another forum.

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