Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fat boomer jerk tells it like it is

On tonight’s SBS TV “Insight” obese millionaire boomer Harold Mitchell got the first line in, re what Australia’s $10bn budget surplus might best be spent on. His opener was something like: “This is the first generation since 1788 who will not have a standard of living as high as their parents”.

Well, amen to that, I thought.

But it turns out the above sentence was only half-digested in Mitchell’s processes; his real point came in his next line: “And so young people will have to become internationally competitive”. (Again, I’m paraphrasing from memory).

Yes, this (barely) walking coronary disaster-area actually just said that boomers are apparently exempt from the chill winds of international economic competition. I’m not sure why – perhaps Mitchell sees their (and his) big fat house-prices as like his big fat gut; having enough stored surplus in them to keep the third-world at bay for decades, if need be.

Oh, and hilariously, Mitchell’s top (indeed only) $10bn spending priority, bearing in mind the need to keep Australia’s post-boomers lean and mean, was broadband infrastructure.

Let them eat YouTube, eh Harold?

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