Monday, March 19, 2007

Xers are from Mars, boomers are from all the other planets combined

Kevin Rudd was Director-General of the Queensland Cabinet Office at 34y.o., while PM John John Howard was something or other at least as senior, younger.

Meanwhile, disgraced senator Santo Santoro had to content himself in his early 30s with being being Young (sic) Liberal State President for Queensland, and a paid lackey/assistant for a senator of the day.

Fortunately for Santoro, however, he apparently possesses the mother of all Get Out of Jail Free Cards – the year of his birth (1956, but any year between 1946 and 1961 would do).

How else to explain how this craven oaf got to rise so high – and is not currently remanded in custody for corruption?

Meanwhile Xer Christopher Pyne (39) has more or less miraculously entered Cabinet, courtesy of Santoro’s exit-lite. After 14 years in Parliament and almost nothing to show for it promotion-wise, if I were Pyne, I’d be thinking very seriously about chucking a Latham, and retiring on “medical” grounds while laughing all the way to the bank.

But Pyne is gracious to a rather creepy degree:

He said last night of his slow climb to the ministry: "Some would say it was a long period — 14 years in the Parliament — but I chose to go into Parliament at only 25." He was "grateful for the opportunity the Prime Minister has given me".

Umm, did the PM or Peter Costello (or Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard) have to wait until they were 40, and only then fluke it, into their first position of real responsibility? Sheesh.

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