Monday, March 05, 2007

The real Rudd-gate

Brian Burke – yawn. One baby boomer, a state Premier at 36, has been whoring himself across the political – but not age – spectrum 20-odd years later. When your full-time job is, like Burke’s, to ensure that history never repeats – i.e. to never allow a GenX leader of merit within his own lifetime – sleaze and corruption will inevitably abound. The real Rudd-gate, of course, is that Kevin Rudd’s full-time job is exactly the same as Brian Burke’s.

Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s his latest Xer-hating bile:

"People over 45 and very low-low-middle income earners gained nothing [from the Australian government’s recent superannuation changes]. The reason for that was they were never going to pay the exit tax in the first place."

“People over 45” and “gained (or gain) nothing” should never be used in the same sentence. Certainly Google thinks so.

As to what Rudd was driving at, who knows. The reference to low, or middle income earners has some basis in fact: under the old regime there were no exit taxes on the first $120k or so. But “people over 45”? Is he crying poor on behalf of rich bludgers like Mark Latham (born in 1961 like Rudd’s deputy, and so just within Rudd’s cut-off)? Or is his brain’s speech-centre just set to Xer-hating auto-babble, as per his (unofficial) job description?

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