Thursday, February 15, 2007

More journalists behaving badly

Very badly this time.

Possibly Australia’s most blatant, egregious breach of privacy since the p-word took mass hold a decade or so ago aired on Seven’s “Today Tonight” this evening.

On camera, and with no apparent editorial qualms or caveats, a (barely) pixellated female talking head, described as a former employee of the Gold Coast Centrelink office, referred in detail to Schapelle Corby as a customer of her office, one week before Corby's Bali holiday gone wrong began.

Even without the current general privacy push, this entails a serious offence committed by a Centrelink employee (current or former). If the former employee – who should be easily identifiable – does not get a hefty, exemplary jail sentence, it will be a travesty. Joining her in the clink should be several bodies from “Today Tonight”: those who solicited, produced, and aired this abject disgrace.

Thank you for your comment. How many times does the media want to try and convict this poor girl who is being bullied by greedy people who know she is in no position to defend herself.
Anna Coren and her team have now elevated themselves to the great height of a snakes anal sphincter.
Today Tonight is the devil.
yes, amazing what think is ok. i saw interview with the 'other party' (whatshername) and the questions were appallingly loaded and leading. trial by media. and each detail irrelevant to the innocence or guilt of schapelle. i remember as a child how important these suited talking heads looked. now, they seem more absurd and scary than the proverbial 'scary clown'.
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On a happier (and somewhat unrelated) note - the press council have upheld a complaint against the Sydney Daily Telegraph, which they will have to publish! You can see the ruling here
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