Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pria Viswalingam’s “Decadence”

To say that this SBS interview-panel doco heavily relies on baby-boomer experts is an understatement. Every person in this list gleaned from an SBS website – and Viswalingam himself – is a boomer, or a bit older:

Richard Eckersley, Clive Hamilton, Ian Kiernan, Robert Manne, John Marsden, Catharine Lumby, Commissioner Ken Moroney, Archibishop Peter Jensen, Cardinal George Pell and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

To the list can be added Governor-General Michael Jeffrey, ex-Premier Jeff Kennett and Professor Marian Sawer.

Viswalingham’s apparent severe allergy to anyone born after 1961 aside, I am happy to give this show a big thumbs-up. Oh and apart from the show’s inclusion of serial Xer-phobe Clive Hamilton and his apparent comrade-in-arms, ANU academic Richard Eckersley, also.

Intentionally or otherwise, the show’s boomercentricity ultimately serves as a big fat boomer mea culpa. We stuffed up, the show positively screams. Agreed. There’s really nothing else to say – a good epitaph is a short epitaph.

Wasn't Saddam a boomer too?

Still hangin's too good for most of 'em.
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