Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reds in the university summer schools?

According to Hal G.P. Colebatch (son of another, more famous, and probably more mentally-balanced Hal Colebatch):

"The shape of the culture war is hard to pin down . . . but aspects of it can be seen in school reading lists, museum displays, university summer schools, arts grants and a multitude of other things".

Three of the specific things on this list have indeed been Australian culture war battle-fields in plain view, but university summer schools, FFS? My understanding of such is that they are geared to the CAE/arty-amateur market; viz courses for weekend painters, film-makers and flower-arrangers. Such enough, Googling [“university summer schools” Australia] gets a Tai Chi course and a dance course as the top two hits for Australian summer-school content. Both hotbeds of Left elitism and indoctrination, I’m sure.

As for an explanation of what Colebatch was thinking, it might start with Hal having done a bit of lazy Sunday Googling himself. Page 2 of the same search reveals a lovingly re-keyed US Marxist tome from 1938 which suggests, inter alia, that university summer schools might be a good place for the keen cadres of 1938 to drop their party-recruitment leaflets around at.

Yes, you heard it here first – Hal Colebatch has apparently discovered a wormhole in the space/time continuum, in which 2006 Australia exactly resembles 1938 America.

Alternatively, Hal’s proof that Perth drinking-water not only tastes like bad shrooms, it is fully psychoactive with the stuff.

Update 16 October 2006

Hal Colebatch (or at least someone calling themselves that, emailing from writes:


Read the summer schools [sic] programme, fuckhead!

Hal Colebatch


Err, yes, Hal. But is there one that is particularly "commie" that you can point me to? All I can see at a glance is arts, arts, arts. And it may be worth reminding you here that I don't myself have access to a time-machine, so I'd appreciate it if your "commie summer school" evidence was present-day.

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