Friday, October 20, 2006

News Ltd raid on Fairfax - just hurry up

With impeccable timing –given News Ltd’s overnight raid on Fairfax – Jason Briant has an OpEd in today’s Age bemoaning that the ABC is still a Leftist stack.

As I said to the Right a few months ago – Have the ABC, it’s yours. And ditto for Fairfax; another broken, boomer-Left shitheap.

Just please don’t dither around in taking up this offer, all you Rightsters – see the fine print below.

Condition of offer:

Offer of unfettered, perpetual full editorial control at the ABC and Fairfax, for peppercorn consideration, to the Right may be withdrawn if, in the opinion of the judge, the Right continues to whinge excessively about Those Nasty Leftists in the meantime.

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