Saturday, May 06, 2006

Should male drivers over the age of 65 be immediately banned from Sydney’s North Shore?

If you don’t get the reference, young Sydneyite Sophie Delezio was yesterday, for the second time in three years, seriously injured, in her home neighbourhood, by a car being driven by an elderly (in 2003, he was 67, in 2006, looks 70+) male driver.

So far, this may sound like grotesque, unfortunate coincidence – and no more. But when one looks at the circumstances of the two assaults (I don’t believe that “accident” is quite the right word, although it’s early days in the latest case), one really wonders about the care-factor, or lack thereof, of men aged 65+ on Sydney’s North Shore. I’m not very interested in exploring the reasons behind this apparent phenomenon, just in being business-like (“insurer-like”, to be more precise), by minimizing the future external risks (= harm to others) that flow from its incidence.

Banning such a cohort from driving (here, thought would have to be given whether to make the ban “local” only or national) is admittedly a fairly drastic proposal. If someone can make a less drastic suggestion, that at the same time would as much as possible prevents this sort of thing ever happening again (to Sophie, or anyone else), I’d be interested to hear it.

Its Sydneysider not sydneyite you fucktard. And by the way terrible to happen to her again but i love the way our fucktard media jumps on it for ratings. They already have the poor guy who hit her guilty and in jail. I hate how wowser media softies gang up on people for accidents when it happens to someone who is good for ratings.
Um, I'm not sure what my main offence is: the lexicon ("Sydneyite") or the other thing?

Speaking as Melburnian (don't start) who finds driving on Sydney roads surprisingly relaxing (b/c the majority *there* appear to concur with my personal philosophy of getting from A to B safely, but in the shortest possible time), I wonder whether Sydneyites such as you (I'm assuming) actually could use a decent dose of “our” fuckwitted, typical Melbourne drivers up there; i.e. for you, less Lexicon Rage, more Road Rage.

Meanwhile, re the other thing, or the "poor guy", as you call him. If he fits the average profile of an 80 y.o. North Shore male, he's a millionaire at least, who's been able to become such solely through buying property for a song, 50 or so years ago. In other words, he in no sense needs a driver’s licence for his independence; in fact, he could easily afford a stretch limo on call, 24/7, for the rest of his miserable life. And you call him a "poor guy"?

As I said, if you’re going to get angry over something, try getting some *real* rage, Sydneyite.
That poor little child.

I find it interesting that the 'carer' who was in control of the pusher when it was hit, has not ben seen or heard from at all.

If YOU were in the middle of a 4-lane road would you be watching each car intensely? I would.

I noticed from newsfilm that the crossing was partly under high trees and there was filtered sunlight which could clearly affect vision.

The driver could have had almost any 'profile' and still copped it -
lingerie model? - stupid cow, probably texting.
Alpha male? - hoon.
Actor? - on drugs/drink probably.

That poor little body to be broken up twice.
Good point, re "the driver could have had almost any 'profile' and still copped it", although I'd qualify this by saying that there'd have been much less media (well from me, anyway) attention on the "Sophie II" driver, if s/he didn't so exactly match the *same* profile as the "Sophie I" driver.

Also, your examples of other, non-elderly male, profiles (lingerie model, alpha male, actor) are interesting in that, alongside elderly men from Sydney's North Shore, these three "types" would generally be considered affluent and/or have viable transport options other than self-driving.

Not all Australians do, of course - including many (non-Sydney North Shore home-owning) elderly ones:
I wonder if it would be a good compromise to give drivers over 75 a limited number of kilometres from their home, that they are allowed to drive - to the market and the quack and not on 4-lane speedways.
My father 83, is out there on the roads and should not be.
My ex mother in law age 89 just wrote off her new car, damaged 2 others and destroyed a brick fence, and she was only doing a 3-point turn! (Lost her licence thank God).
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