Wednesday, May 10, 2006

“I have a (short) (day-) dream”, says David Williamson

Oh yeah? Should be interesting, given that the guy has oscillated in recent years, from being shocked at the boganity of Australian cruise-ship passengers (which didn’t play well with the Howard/Cronulla/white-trash constituency), to being an anti-pomo cultural warrior (which would have played well with Howard, anyway). Between them, I can’t decide whether Williamson’s education would be benefited by his watching just a little “Big Brother”, or whether his brain has been perma-fried already by watching too much of the said show.

And Williamson’s idea? That the two rescued Beaconsfield miners not profit personally from any media deals they might be offered, and instead “decide that any money made would go into a fund for the families of mine accident victims”.

Yep, very nearly dying and then being trapped for almost a week in a small dark hole with only one’s accrued shit and another man for food and company, doesn’t make one a “victim”. No! Just because even US prison guards at Abu Ghraib might even blanch at inflicting this, doesn’t mean that it’s really any more of a painful experience than booking too late for Saturday dinner at one’s fave Noosa restaurant (which did happen to Williamson once (I'm guessing), but he soldiered on (!), only stopping to write a play about it, and so collect a few-hundred thou).

But maybe I’m wrong with this interpretation, and what Williamson actually means is that, being Xers, the two miners deserve nada, no matter what they’ve been through. That is, dollars actually flowing generously into Xer hands offends some principle of particle physics, or whatever.

What a contemptible turd. If Williamson’s so concerned for “the families of mine accident victims” (note: no nationality, or post-accident financial-circumstance qualifiers), he should (i) put up his own money, and (ii) fuck off to Russia or China, where there are indeed plenty of genuinely-deserving such families, thanks to lax safety standards. Once he’s so ensconced, I’m sure he’d naturally be prepared to be censored, as a writer, about the safety stuff, and instead just be grateful to be a passive, bottomless wallet in the indirect service of millionaire (at least) mine owners).

Update 11 May 2006

Today’s Age runs David Williamson’s turdfest, and gives further space to boomer Alan Attwood to make much the same point:

I doubt that the media money will go to the true heroes of this tale - the people who got the miners out”.

Oh do you? Just because – were the rescued duo baby boomers like Attwood – they would presumably take the money and run (making sure that they yell “Fuck you!” to (i) Larry King’s family and (ii) the rescuers as they do so), this doesn’t mean that Xers will behave as scum-suckingly greedy as boomers.

So. Give. Them. A. Chance, you boomer turds.

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