Saturday, April 08, 2006

"It should be dealt with quickly"

Just a quick post today, before I scoot off to this. PM Howard’s offering my state/city some unsolicited advice, on getting rid of an Indigenous tent encampment/“embassy” set up a few weeks ago.

"It should be dealt with quickly. If it's left — and the Canberra experience is instructive — it stays".

Quite. Why the Australian public didn’t use the 1998 election to get rid of this bunch of fucktards is beyond me (even factoring in Labor being just as bad). If anyone understands the power of incumbency and adverse possession, it’s Howard.

Presumably, he’s advocating guns’n’dogs, if necessary, to close down the “embassy”. On present indications, the same – at least – is going to be necessary to close down the Howard occupation of my country. Hope he’s ready for such measures, aka a bit of his own medicine, then.

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