Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Geography-schooling American-style at The Age

The locales of Heywood, Port Fairy, Mount Napier and Lake Condah, and the Indigenous Gunditjmara people are in/from Gippsland, apparently. (And The Age can’t even get the date for Anzac day right, either).

In another geographical affront today – though a more forgivable one, because it belongs to a website-only (at this stage), breaking news story – the Cyclone Monica-ravaged town of Maningrida is located 570km south of Darwin. Now Maningrida is admittedly well off the radar of the average Melbournian, but only a basic understanding of (i) cyclones (viz that they lose power as they travel over land) and (ii) Australian geography (viz that there is no open ocean for a whole 2,700 km south of Darwin, is required to appreciate that, wherever Maningrida might in fact be, one place it is not is south of Darwin.

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