Friday, March 17, 2006

Freedom of speech and Piers Akerman
(orginally posted 17 March, but Blogger on the blink)

Video footage shown on Thursday evening’s TV news clearly showed journalist and boomer bon vivant Piers Akerman attempting to purloin a megaphone being held (and used) by protesters at an anti-Condoleezza Rice (US Secretary Of State and rolled-gold boomer) demonstration outside the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, inside which Rice was giving a speech. Akerman’s intervention seems to have prompted protesters to then push him to the ground – a reponse quite proper and proportionate, IMO (the police, who were close by, seem to have made no effort to stop Akerman’s attempted theft and censorship).

Yesterday’s reportage however is, on the whole, rather silent on the incident. Predictably, a certain element (including supposedly Left broadsheets) have selectively reported events, in casting Akerman as a simple victim being “jostled”, but the remainder of the media seem content to tacitly suppress the facts.

Odd, but maybe that’s just “democracy”, boomer style.

Boy what a grouch! I could keep doing this for ever but why bother. This is absolutely the last you’ll ever hear from me. Admit it, it was the most fun you had all week. My intention is not to cause you deeper personal distress – just challenge the ridiculously deadend world view of the Uncanny X-Man.

Look at all those archives! With almost 4 years in the Bitterness business, your spleen must be just about ready to pack it in by now. You’ll need continuous B12 injections to keep it up for the next 20 years. Of course, by then I’ll be in some nursing home – watching the midday Victor Mature movie and being spoon-fed mashed pumpkin. All my friends will be dead. You can come round and kick my walker out from under me, if it’ll make you feel any better – although I’m guessing you’ll have bigger fish to fry. Like dealing with the realisation that your life passed you by and you’ve got very little to show for it. And yet, believe it or not, I wish you as nice a life as that spleen will allow.

By the way, try this simple exercise. Try reading your whole front page, but substitute the word “Jew”, “Black” or “Muslim” for the word “Boomer”. Pretty creepy isn’t it?

I’ll miss your scathingly witty response.
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