Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who wrote this?

Marriage, fidelity, sexual restraint, and a declared belief in the desirability of heterosexual over homosexual activity are ‘out” as far as the new breed of sex educators are concerned . . . [yet] it is traditional values which offer the best hope of protecting students against AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Hint: while it was co-authored, one co-author is a current Liberal gov’t (Canberra) minister. This person is also starting to resemble Sir Les Patterson, certainly in physical appearance, and perhaps in other ways as well.

Answer in the comments box tomorrow.

Co-authors are Rod Kemp (Minister for the Arts and Sport (the first and so far only minister in the world to hold this Patterson-esque dual portfolio, AFAICT) and Susan Moore (no; dunno, either)):

"When Sex is a Health Hazard", IPA Review Feb-Apr 1988, p 47

as cited in:

Damien Cahill, "The Right Values in Education" Overland 179 (Winter 2005) p 9, 12

So happy traditional values day, y'all.
I have no evidence but I'd be willing to bet that the % of persons holding traditional values are highest in countries with the highest HIV+ rates and lowest in those countries with low HIV+ rates.
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