Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The bitch is back! There’s also a new look, which unfortunately has sent all old comments to a better place. (If you’re curious, and quick, they should be in Google’s cache for a bit longer.)

For those wondering why I gave up blogging in Nov 04, I long thought that my explanation – immediately below – was clear enough. But maybe not – only now does it appear that many Americans realize just how deeply they have voted themselves (and therefore the rest of the West, right down to little old me) into a corrupt, anything-goes nightmare.

And appropriately enough, I’ve spent much of the last year wandering the corridors of some demented, endless Pentagon – metaphorically speaking.

Only since yesterday have I had a sense of business as usual: back on the dole, finally (after almost three months of absolutely no income). The waiting period was due to a few-thou insurance payout in mid-05, for my near-totalled car, which put me in the same financial league as someone with a quarter-mil in the bank, according to Centrelink. Nice one. If I had the year all over again, I would have been thousands of dollars richer, had I simply not worked (casual teaching at uni) for just a few hours for one week per semester. This small difference would have meant that I didn’t have to reapply for the dole from scratch in Oct 05, in which case the insurance payout would have had no material impact.

So here I am – poor, bitter and ready to rumble. Since I’ve inadvertently saved the boomer overlords of Australia so much money, I feel entitled to now tear strips off any and all of them, piece by piece.

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