Monday, November 15, 2004

Last Post Farewell

After two years of regular posting, this blog is closing for business.

In terms of an explanation, I’m afraid that I don’t have a good one. I certainly haven’t got that dream job, a la Jonas, nor have I decided to embark on something that might be a better use of my many spare hours of enforced “leisure”, a la meika and his novel. Fact is, the one-to-two hours this blog takes me to research and write each day are freer than Mr Humphries of “Are You Being Served”. The extra hours are simply going to be added to consolidated staring-into-space under-the-doona time (I don’t do daytime TV – for among other reasons, America’s white trash just aren’t funny any more; especially when they vote).

Another reason for closing up is financial – I only really use my landline phone for net dial-up, and I only really use the net for this blog. Going offline (and to mobile phone only) is therefore going to save me $50 a month. (Thanks, cunting Telstra, and your stratospheric annual landline “rental” increases).

My final message: thanks to all (?) you readers. Globally and locally, these are troubled times for anyone with a brain, and every indication is that they are going to get much worse. And there’s not a thing that you or I can do about it, except laugh. From under our doonas.

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