Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yoof media ghettoes

The four young journalists employed by VibewireYouth Media Services to provide election coverage at the website are engaged in a labour of love writes Deborah Gough.

Err Deborah, if these people are not getting any wages at all, I think you should be pointing them in the direction of the MEAA (the journo’s union), rather than singing their praises as embryonic Mother Theresas.

What I suspect Gough actually means is that the four Vibewire election journalists have very modest expense accounts, compared to most other journalists. Thus, they typically stay in backpacker hostels, not hotels, when out on the road/hustings.

Obviously, neither Gough nor Vibewire journo Tim Martyn have much experience of staying in backpacker hostels. You actually need to bring your own towel, Tim! How about that – and once you absorb this information, you’ll realise that $5 “towel hire” is a quite normal example of punitive pricing, a la carpark after-hours call-out fees).

Oh, and Tim – I’ve never stayed in a backpackers place with a phone line in a bedroom. Which is rather strange, when one thinks about it. So many backpackers these days do carry their own laptops with them, I’m sure. And not just any old laptop, mind you – they’ve all got high-end ones; you know, the sort without floppy drives; meaning the sort which, if you can’t get a phone line, you have to transcribe from laptop screen to internet cafe keyboard. Ha ha, schmuck!

What a pack of spoilt princesses. “Labour of love” – pull-eaze.

lol that's funny stuff :P
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