Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tim Blair is 39!?!?!

And for years I’ve assumed (in part because he looks it) that he was just another baby boomer (now it turns out he definitely isn’t, because he’s between 4 and 16 months younger than me). Mea culpa.

Making ageism – at least when one gets the wrong age, and/or the wrong attributes – seem crasser still is this entry on Blair as an Old Pops, by 28 year-old Mat Henderson-Hau (aka Darp Hau):

Tim Blair is 39!?!?! Shite - maybe he remembers when the original Puma Clydes and Adidas Gazelle breakdancing shoes came out in the late seventies as opposed to my first exposure to them in the early nineties when Jamiroquai hit the charts for the first time.

Can't wait to meet up for that beer so I can sus out how popular Prisoner, A Country Practice and Secret Valley were in their heyday

As a 40 year-old, I have no recollection of specialist “breakdancing shoes”. This may be explained by the fact that I lived in the ‘hood (NOT) of Ballarat until early 1984, but even when I moved to Melbourne that year, it was grey zip-up shoes (no brand that I can remember) that were shit-hot. (And yes, I breakdanced – to use the term loosely – in such shoes many a time to “Billie Jean” – cringe).

So take that, young (?) Mat! The late 70s and the entireity of the 80s were shite and embarrassing – just as shite and embarrassing as the 90s-to-current Jamiroquai and his pooncy hat collection, in fact.

As for “Prisoner”, “A Country Practice” and “Secret Valley”, I have never watched the first two, and have never even heard of the last one. In my day, young Mat, we late-teens and early-20s were too busy living to watch crap TV, or to worry about the label of our shoes.

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