Thursday, October 28, 2004

Terrorists can be so unkind!

Bernard Salt writes in today’s Oz:

Generation Y was born over the 15 years to 1991 and its members are now aged 13-28. They are today’s teenagers and young adults . . . Today’s graduates are from Generation Y. They are the children of the baby boomers, and it is they who will be the luckiest generation ever.

It is the Ys who will inherit boomer property wealth in the 2020s. And it is the Ys who will step up early into management positions as boomers vacate corner offices everywhere.

But spare a thought for the downtrodden Xers.

This lot jumped on board the Free-Love roller-coaster (or should that be panel van) only to find their freedoms shrivelled by the threat of AIDS in the early 1980s. Then the door to fee-free tertiary education was slammed shut by the HECS impost of 1987.

Xers missed the property boom of late 1980s and even managed, by some assiduously fancy footwork, to sidestep any capital gain from the recent thrusting of the housing market.

And now, after going about their corporate lives waiting for ageing, fading baby boomers to move on, Xers face their final humiliation. Boomers retire from 2011 onwards and then, out of left field, up pops upstart Ys who, having paid no dues, land meaty management positions before the age of 35.

Then, to top off this ignominy, the Ys then flaunt their imminent inheritance of baby-boomer property wealth.

Life just isn’t fair!*

And the best (boomer) minds in the world are still puzzled as to why so many Saudi middle-class, educated Xers become terrorists.

* Bernard Salt “Older generations have to ask Y” Australian 28 October 2004 (no URL)

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