Monday, October 04, 2004

Solving the gay clergy debate – all you need is gay marriage

Anglican Church in Australia head, Peter Carnley, seems to think that monogamous gay coupledom goes hand-in-hand with sexual abstinence.

At first I thought he was simply loopy, but then I remembered the folk-wisdom about how sexual activity drastically decreases with marriage, especially with increasing years of the latter. Brilliant! Since no one (other than, I suspect, the boycott-all-gays-period Family First party) seriously objects to celibate poofters, there is a win-win solution, for pro-gay marriage activists (not me, BTW) and traditionalist Christians, anyway. Just marry the poofters off, two by two – and hell, give them all the trimmings, because it's only for a day – into benign, asexual (if not immediately, just give 'em time) “friendships”!

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