Friday, October 29, 2004

Pimping for choice

In her 1963 expose, Gloria Steinem revealed as false the claims that bunnies were not only beautiful but possessed superior education and fine breeding. In fact, their lack of education and skills meant the Playboy package of long hours, high harassment and the minimum wage was the best job they could get.

Err Leslie Cannold, I think that in 2004, you could well write being university-educated into many jobs that feature high harassment and pay the minimum wage. While I’m not sure absolutely sure of it, I suspect that this fact might change Cannold’s views about 2006’s reborn Playboy Club. As in: female graduates would surely choose to do such a job, yada, yada, yada.

Choice – yeah right. Isn’t there something just a little perverse about academics (Cannold teaches at the University of Melbourne) pimping for every god-awful job in the land – coz they know deep-down that’s all their students are going to get – while pretending to actually be on the students’ side? And pretending to be high-minded about it, to boot, when they’re effectively living off the earnings of students’ future misery?

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