Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The mortgage-belt vs the angst-belt

The objective near-irrelevance of interest rates to the outcome of the election is well-show in this story in today’s Oz. As the accompanying table (which is not online) shows, only 8 marginal seats nation-wide have 30% or more of households paying off a mortgage. Even the marginal seat with the very highest percentage here (43.5%) still had the interest-rate sensitive as a clear minority.

In contrast, the figures of voters aged 18-40 living in marginal seats would, I imagine, cut I similar, if not actually more numerous swathe. That these are not recognised as a sectional interest is well-enough known, but how to explain the contempt of Mark Latham when he says:

We want young Australians to be starting life as Generation X, not Generation Debt.

It’s a bit late for that late, you two-faced fucktard.

Likewise, PM Howard’s refusal to pre-electorally appear on “Rove Live” sends out a powerful message to the 40s-and-under: “Interest rates are a convenient decoy for the policies we are planning to fuck you over with, but are too scared to tell you about to your face”.

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