Monday, October 25, 2004

Ivan Molloy Update

As I wrote at the time, the media crucified this Labor candidate, who was running for a safe Liberal seat based on the Sunshine Coast.

Today, the man himself speaks out, blaming it all on his own party. Unfortunately though, a boomer mediocrity trying his darndest to go postal on the Labor party does not make for even mildly entertaining spectacle.

Molloy writes:

[T]he ALP then demanded that I sign a statement denouncing terrorism and then threatened disendorsement if I spoke out again! In the end I complied again, thinking that the ALP would soon take on Howard directly by campaigning on ideology and true Labor values right across the board.

Err, Ivan – the “terrorist” photo thing happened halfway through the six-week campaign. Since the first three weeks brought forth not a shred of what I would call “true Labor values” (e.g. full employment, free higher education, abolition of all taxpayer aid to private schools), weren’t you just a teensy bit optimistic about the Queen Mary being able to do a last-minute U-turn in Hastings Street?

Face facts, man – Labor was and is a dead loss, and running in an unwinnable seat for them just makes you all the greater a loser among losers. “Academic credibility”, pull-eaze – you didn’t even read the screaming headlines, much less the fine print on this one.

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