Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"Fresh, relevant and appealing"

Dennis Glover writes:

Labor needs a new generation of intellectuals . . . In university seminar rooms, back-street Fitzroy pubs and on Radio National chat shows, you can live by abstract philosophy and pure principle, but in the world of parliamentary democracy you have to live by your wits as well as your ideals . . . People such as Barry Jones, Don Watson and Phillip Adams should take note. They should turn their guns on Howard and redirect their attention to making the values of the left fresh, relevant and appealing to the people Labor has lost - the affluent working class in the mortgage belts around our capital cities.

What a fucktard, as Robert Corr has already noted, apropos of Glover’s being a key support team-member for a long succession of Labor leader-losers. But even leaving aside the man’s track record, there is plenty to criticise just in his opening line today:

Labor needs a new generation of intellectuals.

Hard to argue with that. But where are they to come from? The universities, that Labor spent its last eight years in power fucking-over? Well, no – but not for that reason. People who have been to university are inherently unlikely to “get” the outer-suburban mortgage belt, because the former apparently spend almost all their time in back-street Fitzroy pubs, instead of working for a living. And by virtue of one of those rules that apply only in the inner-city (those Jews and other cosmopolitan elites!), their hefty bar-tabs can be settled just by the alchemical transformation of pure philosophy.

Meanwhile out in the aspirational burbs, a generation that lives much more by its wit/s awaits its calling as Labor’s 2007 electoral salvation. Knowing nothing except the tabloid TV and print media they are fed, they make Pauline Hanson look sophisticated – but never mind, as long as they are “fresh, relevant and appealing”. Fortunately, the McMansions they build and live in at least allow them to dissemble the difference between the Upper House and the Lower House – the Upper House is where you sleep and dream of your retirement (= high property prices), while the Lower House is where you eat and vacantly muse about your retirement (= high property prices).

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