Monday, October 18, 2004

Casino gamblers are arseholes

A nicely-timed follow-up to my recently-posted theory of Australian croupiers never even getting offered tips comes courtesy of today’s Herald-Sun.

A disaffected (surprise, surprise) Crown Casino Mahogany Room staff-member has leaked the inside view of one particular high-roller’s bleeding anus (= eight-figure gaming losses) after being put through the Crown wringer for two years.

Such a leak is of course severely embarrassing for Crown, not to mention the loser himself, Singapore tycoon Thomas Tay. It is clearly not a random leak, however – Tay comes across of the mother of all whingeing blame-mongers, in insisting upon new teams of dealers and supervisors up to five or six times a night, whenever he is on an apparent losing streak.

What part of the laws of maths don’t you understand, Thomas Arsehole Tay? If you think that a particular croupier is “unlucky”, why don’t you just fuck-off back to whatever third-world peasant village you clearly belong in.


Loren Elsegood has the goods on tip-averse 40-something corporate drunkards. This Revenge of the Underclass thing seems to be catching!

Further Update 21 October 2004

More Revenge of the Underclass – but this time there’s no winners (bitchin’ can be a victory only sometimes). Check out the trajectory of this recent post from Crooked Timber, which in short order goes from being a huffy whinge about an arrogant and sloppy cabin crew on a US Airways flight, to a sad, sad window on the upcoming US election:

I had to fly [US Airways] recently back to the small town for a visit and was trapped in the cabin of the tiny airplane for an hour while the flight attendent gave an impassioned and memorized political speech to the front row, telling them (and due to the size of the craft, all of us) that if Kerry wins the election she’ll lose her job, and that Bush winning the election was the only thing that could save her job. The question of how exactly the first president to have a net job loss since Herbert Hoover was going to save her job (and whether or not a job that pays 1982 wages* is worth saving) was not raised.

* US Airways employees recently took a (unilateral) 21 percent pay cut, so taking their wages back to1982 levels.

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