Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11 on a Saturday

Today doesn’t particularly feel like drum roll . . . September 11 probably because it’s a Saturday. Out of all the days of the week, Saturday is the one in which Life Must Go On, for pretty obvious reasons.

Accordingly, I’m eschewing an anniversary-appropriate post this year, in favour something lite – and yet bitter.

My springboard is today’s news that Carson Kressley, of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, will be celebrity judge for the Myer Fashion on the Fields at the Melbourne Cup in November.

As a gay man, I need to say this: I hate Carson. Meaning that I hate his fashion sense (otherwise, I don’t know him from the proverbial, but when you’re talking P2P (poof to poof), it’s quite acceptable, of course, to make binding decisions on dress-sense alone).

On this point, Ned Zeman in Vanity Fair has said it better than me:

Of all the gay fashionistas in New York, why did Queer Eye for the Straight Guy select one (the ubiquitous Carson Kressley) whose "taste" suggests Barbara Mandrell at the Sands circa 1972?

Until I read Ned’s bon mot, I had never heard of Barbara Mandrell. Looking at her 500 or so pix in Google images, I’m more than satisfied Ned was spot-on. I was unable to actually find a pic of Barbara playing the Sands, circa 1972, but this snap of her 1997 “The Last Dance” concert says it all. In other Barbara trivia, there have been rumours of her and Dolly Parton reprising the TV show “The Golden Girls”. Now, that’s more like it – and it's a role much more suited to Carson Kressley, too.

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