Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Life following comedy

Earlier this year (from memory, so don’t quote me on the details), the guys from JJJ’s “Today Today” – aka "the Chaser" team – quasi-prank called the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission regarding John Farnham’s misleadingly-titled “The Last Time” tour.

Now real life has caught up, to the great surprise of no one – who ever heard of a mulleted, baby boomer English emigrant turning down an opportunity to make another few mill? (Hey, if it’s good enough for Dicko from “Australian Idol” . . . )

The twist is that someone has been prepared to “front” the rumoured legal action, this time not in the interests of comedy alone. “Farnham fan” and “legal expert in copyright and trademarks” Sam Christie is presumably this suburban Melbourne impresario, otherwise known as Savvas Christodoulou. Christie/Christodoulou appears to be engaged in a David and Goliath trademark stand-off with one or more global conglomerates, while – probably not surprisingly – engaging in actual hand-to-hand trademark combat only on a David vs Goliath’s amateur fan-site basis.

For its part, the ACCC says that it won’t be intervening, citing a lack of widespread consumer detriment caused by Farnham’s latest comeback. Naturally, I’ve got some sympathy with Christie here – if nothing else, the more nutters clogging the innards of our courts and commissions, the better the general egress in our streets. Taking a stand can undoubtedly be a lonely job – especially when the Venn intersection of “John Farnham fans” and “people who stand up for principles” is a grouping of one, at the very most. But you’re all right, Sam – “Detriment” is just another word for no more lyrics left to write.

Update 10 September 2004

News follows life follows comedy.

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