Friday, September 24, 2004

Jack of all performances; Masters of none

While some courses would be dropped, others could be broadened to attract more students, [University of Western Sydney vice-chancellor Janice Reid] said.

One such course was the masters in sports psychology, which Professor Reid said had only about nine full-time students . . . That program could be broadened into a masters of performance psychology aimed at the executive and theatrical arenas, as well as the sporting field, Professor Reid said.

I’m torn between whether this news is sad or funny – the thought of meathead footy coach wannabes sharing the curriculum with prancing drama majors, plus some business motivational airheads thrown in for good measure. Here’s how a typical class might go:

STUDENT 1: “Kick it to me, boys!”

STUDENT 2: “But you’ve really, really got to want the ball first”

LECTURER: “That’s good; very helpful. As for you, Tristan – this time are we clear about the difference between catching the ball and playing a dying swan?


STUDENT 3: “Did I win? I shat it in!”

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