Saturday, August 28, 2004

It’s a small world – meika’s “tip shop” hits the headlines

The story of meika the proud – and aren’t we all – dolebludger’s tip shop is set out here (March 6) and here.

Not sure about the “mondragon style co-op” finer details (assuming that meika’s founding managerial imprimatur remains), but I doubt that the tip shop (which has not so far commented) can be too-much blamed in the circumstances.

The scenario, I imagine, went like this. A Hobart cop made a Port Arthur compilation tape for private purposes; eight years later, he throws it in the ordinary rubbish – as he probably shouldn’t have – but hey, what are the odds?

Thanks to tip shops, though, “the odds” – of the tape’s seeing the light of day – are much higher than one might think. The tape was presumably extracted, in good faith, from the general rubbish, so it could be sold for a trifle as a de facto blank tape.

The tip shop didn’t “do” it. The careless cop who threw out the tape should, of course, carry some of the blame. But the majority of the blame should rest on the shoulders of the stupid bint who took the whole thing public. She bought a de facto blank tape for ten cents. When this tape turned out to have content that offended/concerned her, she had a number of options – not least of which was to return the tape to the tip shop for (I’m assuming) a full refund, while making the suggestion that the shop then over-tape its contents (Presumably the doing of such an act was beyond her own self – technically or otherwise).

While on the topic of dolebludgers, “Dole Diary” is a site that I’ve been following for some time. Kept by a fellow Melbourne bloke, this entry on defying death is gold (with a trace of hemlock thrown in). And RIP, too, to Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who was my pin-up hero when I was 15 (don’t ask).

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