Thursday, June 24, 2004

Law and Order I

I’m generally cautious about tub-thumping on the issue of a specific lenient sentence because (i) by definition, I’m not possessed of all the facts/evidence, and (ii) such rants are a shock-jock specialty.

I can’t resist commenting on this one, though. For further facts, see here and here.

Why wasn’t Paraskevi Kafetzis charged with culpable driving? She has been proved, at the very least, to have (i) driven an unroadworthy vehicle in (ii) a street teeming with primary school-age pedestrians.

Apart from the fine she got – token in the circumstance, although maximum for the actual offence – as a Melbourne driver/pedestrian/cyclist, I am disgusted and discomfited by the fact that (i) Kafetzis has been free to drive (the car* which caused the death, at that) after the accident and up until yesterday’s verdict, and (ii) she will be free to drive again in one year’s time.

Paraskevi Kafetzis has demonstrated an error of judgement and/or driving ability as bad as that of any drink driver, and a life-ban on her driving seems eminently reasonable. And if there’s no law that currently allows this, it’s about time there was – and if it’s got to be retrospective, to keep Kafetzis from ever getting behind the wheel again, then so be it, too.

* By then, presumably roadworthy – or so one would hope

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