Thursday, May 27, 2004


Even Andrew Norton is having a demographic poke at this upcoming online "magazine's" honour-roll:

Most of these people have ready access to existing media, and many of them have been active in Australian public life for decades

Putting beyond doubt that "New Matilda" will be a pointless waste of cyberspace are two fawning articles on it from today's broadsheets.

"Prosperity must have a social and moral purpose" says mag founder John Menadue. What prosperity, you cosseted little git?

Also according to Menadue, the public was misled over the children overboard affair and, more recently, the "dissembling and deceit" over the Iraq war "was the final straw".

While the furphy of WMDs was hardly a high-point of transparent government, I thought that by now everyone knew what Jack Strocchi, and Rupert Murdoch and I pointed out a year or so ago - Iraq was ALL ABOUT OIL. If John Menadue leads a life completely free of consumption of this substance, then that would be something to write home about. Otherwise, he and his boomer ilk should just shut the fuck up, for once.

P.S. I suspect that SMH columnist PP McGuinness is too old to count as a boomer, but the Australian's Amanda Meade must be one, in view of her recording this line from Paddy's resignation letter, without comment:

I offer you my commiserations on the situation in which you find yourself.

Paddy actually thinks that he's going to be hard to replace, with Amanda Meade in silent concurrence. Ha!

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