Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Get Thee Down the Aisle, George Pell

George Pell reels off a long list of factors supposedly setting out the case against gay marriage in this Op Ed. As I've previously written, I'm no torchbearer for this right myself. But this is not to say I agree with George's line.

His reasons, as it turns out, would seem to apply equally to same-sex married couples (albeit there is no empirics behind the latter, for obvious reasons).

In any case, if Pell's empirics are to be believed, why the %*$@ isn't he taking his own advice, particularly re the one about marriage apparently providing "a significantly lower danger of child abuse".

I'm assuming that this apparent benefit of marriage extends to both children and hetero adults. And I'm quite willing to go along with George's implication, in that I don't think a marriage-like gay relationship will stop one of that couple who is otherwise a paedophile from doing their evil business (Otherwise he'd have to be for gay marriage . . . Wouldn't he?). But, as George is hetero (I assume), shouldn't he be getting himself down the aisle, ASAP, to innoculate himself against against possible paedophilic acts?

(And I'm, not accusing you of anything, George - just throwing your own half-baked science right back at you).

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