Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Stupid militant dykes

I'm still not sure whether a letter in today's Age from Belinda Sweeney could be serious:

Sweeney writes:

[Senator Brian Greig's] most significant error is his claim that both homosexuality and transsexualism are biological. Such "scientific" conclusions have been highly contested, among scientists as well as in the lesbian and gay community. For example, many lesbians (particularly lesbian feminists) argue that homosexuality is a political choice. Others wish to challenge the contention that lesbians and gays should be accepted by society because they are "abhorrent", rather than because they are different by choice.

I have no idea what she means in the last line, but her implication is that people aren't "abhorrent" (query is this is different from non-scare quoted abhorrent) by choice. I would have thought exhibit number one of a voluntarily abhorrent human was Belinda Sweeney.

I don't care what you do in bed, Belinda - and I don't care about your politics either, other than when you start issuing Taliban-like decrees that politicise the private. To invoke an old feminist war-cry: "Keep your filthy fundamentalism off my body".

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