Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Good riddance, Justice Roddy Meagher

Maybe the NSW legal fraternity is sui generis. Otherwise, I can't comprehend the affection with which this offensive, born-to-rule prig is being sent off into retirement with - not mainly by a predictable inner claque, but through the words of people whose judgment I would generally trust, like Richard Ackland.

This letter by James Turnbull really says enough, as a comment on the pathetic grovelling of Ackland et al. So Meagher was really a nice man on the inside, eh? While I'm not a expert in psychiatric diagnosis, I believe the corect word to describe people like this (arseholes on the outside, but quite civil when in the company of their tiny inner-circle) is "psychopath".

On, and then there's Meagher's sense of humour: "My politics are left wing, but in a very balanced way. I think I might edge a little to the right." How droll. Richard Ackland sounds like the sort of person who might have actually forced up a laugh at this one. Hope that you got your money's worth on that one, Richard, coz once you start faking laughter, there's no going back.

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