Tuesday, January 13, 2004

"Son of Star Wars", Son of Carlyle Group

My first thoughts about Defence Minister Robert Hill’s plans were that the government is simply losing its marbles, by holding Saudi Royal style meetings with defence bauble carpet-baggers. Then it struck me: in the lead-up to an election, and with things not looking particularly promising for the Libs at the moment, Robert Hill is a rational man after all.

While the Saudi Royals simply buy billion-dollar, over-priced, lucky-if-it-works (but not that you’ll ever need it, anyway) weaponry because it sure beats the chore of actually running a country, Robert Hill is covering his bases in an admirably forward-looking way.

By breaking bread and reaching heads of agreement with the shonkiest pimps of the global arms trade now, Hill will be well-placed to get a juicy consultancy with a second-tier Carlyle Group type outfit, should the Libs get booted out later this year.

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