Thursday, January 22, 2004

PM John Howard's next wedge ambit – public roads

Following quickly from his foray into claimed declining standards at public schools, PM Howard has found a new, if related target – public roads.

“When you look at the shiny new tollways built by outstanding private-sector companies like Macquarie Bank and Transfield, it is little wonder that Australian drivers are now choosing them over the public road system, and in record numbers”, the PM said.

“Public roads are anti-aspirational and too values-neutral, with traffic-lights being the root cause. Instead of building flyovers and ramps at all intersections, like private road operators do, public roads cater for the lowest common denominator with their politically correct stop/start signalling systems”, the PM continued.

“Roads are for getting from A to B in the fastest possible time, but on public roads we get incessant interruptions, all thanks to the traffic-lights and their militant unions.”

Meanwhile, broadcaster Alan Jones today warmed to the PM’s theme on his radio show. “I’ll tell you what’s also way too values-neutral”, thundered Jones. “Public toilets, that’s what”.

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