Saturday, January 03, 2004

Out, damn trend spot!

Trend spotting, or “trend forecasting”, is a form of cultural necrophilia. It is more invasive than even the anthropology of the pith-helmet era because the trend spotter’s blind-spot is the trend spotter. Himself. His “upbeat”, baby boomer self (“Think greyish blue, feel red, and act pale yellow. The breeze of free spirit, born in the 1960s is back with a second wind”).

Happy new year, everyone. To hell with predictions and “acting” like a swatch of baby poo yellow – let’s all talk to each other (as in, to people from outside your normal comfort zone), instead. Which is something I’ve been doing lots of in the last three days.

If the kids are indeed all right, let's leave them there, wherever. And the only thing worth spotting is yourself.

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