Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The queerest of the queer

Helen Razer, who is hetero AFAIK, really needs to stop trawling through the “queer” bin at her local discount cultural commentary shop. One thing poofs (= me, anyway) hate is half-arsed re-hashing of a theme.

For the record, it is a complete travesty to talk, as Razer does, of “Are You Being Served’s” queerness without mentioning Mrs Slocum. This is in part because actor John Inman kept his character, Mr Humphreys in the closet (believe it or not). But perhaps the poor sexless doll, Mr Humphreys had little choice here – living in the considerable shadow of Mrs Slocum and her omnipresent pussy, even a robustly slutty gay man would find it difficult to get a good enough line in, to make any inroads into Mrs Slocum’s imperious arsenal of entendre.

Mrs Slocum, you are the queerest of the queer; utterly shameless and the first among flaunters.

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