Friday, November 14, 2003

What has happened to the X-Generation café society?

Queensland property developer Martin H Edwards is thought by QUT to be noteworthy enough to give a public lecture under its auspices. (I suggest any just-finished Year 12 kiddies out there may wish to seriously consider re-visiting the place they put QUT on their preferences, in this light.)

Edwards, a self-confessed baby boomer, writes:

What has happened to the X-Generation café society, the Rayban-wearing, black on black, latté-drinking layabouts of the 90’s? They’re all up at Mitre 10 buying power tools and talking paint colours or scanning the auction columns for the ultimate bargain.

Either you've been watching too much reality TV, or you're projecting, Martin, you deluded fuckwit. What has really happened to GenX café society is that it has no longer got the readdies to even buy a three-buck cup of coffee. In turn, this is because they are stuck at the back of the same cafés, often getting paid sweet zippo, or else only in happy pills.

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