Monday, November 17, 2003

The things you find when vanity Googling

Googling {"my name" blog} has long since made me aware of the online existence of other Paul Watsons - with whom I have been engaged in an endless undeclared competition to get the Number One search result. Just when you think that you've finally made it, you lose it . . .

Anyway, I'm not *that* vain as to be blogging just about such bumf. Sometimes you find little gems, like this. And at times like this, the American (i'm assuming) mix of "can-do"ness and naivete just troolly roolly scares me.

Being a renter, I've moved house a lot in my life. Also being a renter, I've long since committed to memory every address I've lived at since the year dot (necessary for rental applications, in case you don't get it). Hence, I'm staggered at someone who needs Google to find their old addresses.

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