Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Real estate agent truth-telling shock

"It is just an old house" is what agent John Michael Talia seems to have said to the buyers of a Melbourne property whose vendors he was acting for.

Not surprisingly, the buyers ended up getting a bit of a bargain, with the house selling for at least $16,000 under true market value.

Talia denies, however, that the fact that the buyer bought the house as part of a secret trust in which his wife was a beneficiary had anything to do with it.

It is here that Talia’s attitude towards truth-at-all-costs becomes contradictory. With the couple’s actual profit being $175,000, and fined a paltry $5000 (along with his agent's licence being suspended for 4 1/2 months), Talia retorts:

"This is just over the top."

Ya reckon? You know what, Mr Talia – I think your arse would be a nice little “renovators delight” in the shower block of a maximum-security prison, where you and it most assuredly belong.

And that would only just be meeting the reserve price. I'm sure the boys could run a competitive bidding system, to get the action really spiralling upwards. Eh, Mr Talia?

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