Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Peter Costello finds a fellow pool cleaner-boy, sorry friend, in Mark Latham

Earlier today I was killing time, by browsing the net, down at my local Job Network member. I clicked on the link to this SMH story, only to get a message that my access to the page linked-to was blocked, because it was Pornography, and that my attempt to access it had been reported.

The company responsible for such a moronic filtering system is this.

I do genuinely wonder, though, that since the words “pool cleaner-boy” – or anything on that level of suggestiveness – do NOT occur anywhere in the story (which I was able to read back home, of course), what were the dirty words that the filter trawler found?

Here’s my exhaustive list of all possibilities. Feel free to read the story yourself and add to my list, if you must, but I do like to think that I have a smuttier-than-average mind. Ipso facto, if you can’t see a hint of smut in the terms below, you either (i) vote National, or (ii) just aren’t trying.

“huge amount of”

“very slow burn”

“very big bang”

“colleagues have been lining up to”

“bagging him privately”

“imagine how pleased we were to see the member”

“the conversion of the member”

“why are all their heads down at the . . . ?”

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