Wednesday, November 19, 2003


The New Idea editor who was bailed-up at LAX

A few months ago, the lowbrow Aussie mag found itself briefly infamous in the US.

Lo and behold, an editor of the said magazine, Sue Smethurst, recently gets the full Midnight Express treatment when she tries to enter the US for work purposes, but on a tourist visa (something that she had apparently done eight times previously without problem). Coincidence?

The plot further thickens, with this reply from US Customs, just out.

Who to believe? If Sue really did throw the Mother of all Tantrums at LAX, then she’s either got delusions of grandeur, or the death wish to be screaming headline fodder, plastered all over her equally-trashy mag rivals.

One thing is clear – the theory of “lazy journalism blowback” can now be considered proved. Run some decent stories in future, Sue, and you may, just may, avoid becoming a Frankensteinian piece of shit that comes to life from the tawdry 2D pages of your own mag.

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