Sunday, November 30, 2003

Men are the new sex objects

A rigorously scientific survey of two 2004 calendars confirms this fact.

The Pirelli Calendar has been Bjork-ed up – some call it Pollock-esque abstraction, others call it a tasteless mess (like Bjork’s dress sense).

However, the French rugby league team’s 2004 calendar has veered sharply in the other direction – of let-it-all-hang-out locker room verite.
(link via Harley)

The hetero auto mechanics of the world are left feeling perplexed and a little cheated. Meanwhile, Victoria’s new Chief Justice faces a tough – nay, unprecedented – decision over which of the two to hang in her office. The French option's black'n'white beefcake will complement her mahogany surrounds, while the lurid and splotchy Pirelli offering will bring applause from feminist academics who may happen to drop by – for showing (as it may be interpreted) the transformation of beautiful maidens into hideous-but-contented ogres.

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