Wednesday, November 19, 2003

How long before white-collar offshoring hits PR?

Personally, I can’t wait for the day, especially given this – the Indian IT industry paying-off the PR whores of Washington in true Saudi Royals style, throwing its cash around at both the big end of town, and to the man who used to gild the unfairly-maligned reputations of Saddam Hussein and Nicolae Ceausescu.

In Australia, the offshoring of Telstra’s main ad account to China – that well-known powerhouse of creative originality (hence the recent kindly priest ads) – seems to suggest that very few white-collar jobs are safe from the inexorable overhead-cutting and cost-centre-shifting mindset that drives offshoring in the professions.

If you’ve got a degree and a white-collar job, and are eligible for an Oz passport only, then I suggest it’s high time that you did some serious career networking. Like talking to some bricklayers, about whether they can take you on when your job walks permanently north, sometime in the next few years.

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