Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Scumsucking white-collar jobs

Buried under a “Warnie” headline at the Crikey website are some little nuggets about the journalists-in-battery-cages operation called Rehame. Apparently the pay works out to be about the same as a 15 year-old working for Maccas (~7 bucks an hour). Having worked briefly for a media monitoring service (not Rehame) a few years ago, the report rings true, as far as rock-bottom wages and conditions go.

While Rehame’s boss is depicted as a bon vivant, albeit with mercenary tendencies, my own boss-cum-company-owner had no redeeming qualities at all, at least that I could tell. She was a former librarian, whose entrepreneurial streak seemed only to be a fortuitous byproduct of her all-enveloping sadism.

If you ever see an ex-librarian with a business plan and an MBA, then, my advice is to shoot it on sight*.

* Does not apply to “DJ” from Adelaide!

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