Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Gay America, 5 years after Matthew Shepard's crucifixion

The redneck mood on the Wyoming prairie has mellowed somewhat, but the most interesting development overall seems to be a new-ish gay Republicans lobby group; one of "grass-tops", to complement the grass-roots Log Cabin Republicans.

Personally, I like to think of myself as grass-versatile when it comes to sex (and politics too, I guess), but dem gay Republicans sure like their fenced enclosures, over the other side of which the grass will no doubt be always keener, and the arse forever leaner. That’s the free market for you, I s’pose. Which grass-category might the pro-Schwarzenegger, gay Republican Andrew Sullivan luxuriate in, I wonder? The grass-gropers, perhaps – motto: “When it goes flaccid, elect it”.

Talking of being mates with the Bush family (as the "grass-tops" most-avowedly are), there’s no word on how the gay top-meister lobby fit in, and socialise with, those other well-known buddies of the Bush’s, the scimitar-happy Saudi royals. A rolling head gathers no grass, perhaps?

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