Thursday, September 04, 2003

What’s with female academics these days?

If they’re not happily (and consensually, one assumes) giving vox-pops in support of the downtrodden male gender, they’re prepared to coldly fuck up their husband’s and their children’s (and, ultimately, their own) lives in order to get a bigger slice of the property settlement upon divorce.

My suggestion is that the first group of female academics’ time might be more profitably spent studying the antics of the second group. Which “group” may turn out to just be an isolated case – but hey, that’s “men”, c. 2003, anyway. There’s no “group” of us, honey – just a mostly unrelated collection of isolated cases.

Oh, and I wonder which group Melbourne academic and semi-regular Age Op Ed writer, Trish Bolton belongs to. In recent months, Trish has managed to combine an opaque, but still-harrowing personal account of childhood abuse with the apparent fact that such abuse only happened to women older than 40 (i.e. baby boomers), and so presumably barely happens now at all. As a survivor myself, I’d ordinarily feel deeply sorry for her – but her pathetic, serially misplaced anger just makes me feel sorry for her ex-husband specifically, and men in general, instead. Despite Trish’s seeing misogynous men's movements under every bed, and (in a separate Op Ed) her having telegraphed to the world in April that she was a stickler for equal opportunity in orgasm – grrrowl! – Trish has somehow now managed to meet a new male partner who is up to, and down for, the task. I sincerely wish him well in his new posting.

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