Sunday, September 07, 2003

Tunnel Vision – Can someone please drug-test the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund grant-givers?

Dr Katherine Papafotiou studied of the effects of cannabis use on driving for her PhD. Her research concluded that . . . non-regular users were more impaired than regular users.

Well, stone the crows – who would have thought that? But then again, picking at unmeritorious PHD theses is not exactly rocket science, so I stress that I am only raising the good doctor’s PhD apropos of what came next: a $400,000 National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund grant to look into:

whether non-regular users are more impaired when driving than regular users.

No, you’re not seeing double. If you carefully read the whole story, you will see that there is a new angle/element in her latter, “Who wants to smoke up a Sydney house price” study – alcohol.

And as the latest project doesn’t discriminate between regular and non-regular drinkers, happily, there is every chance that Dr Papafotiou will be able to keep her pricey little franchise going for at least one more toke of the taxpayer spliff after this one.

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