Friday, September 26, 2003

Conjugation, Tony Abbott-style – “I barratt; you, he and she bludge”

Minister for slush funds, Tony Abbott says:

Unemployment benefits have often become the wage people earn when they're not working

Excuse me? As opposed to what? Try as I might, I’ve only been able to come to this Jesuitical corollary to the above proposition:

Unemployment benefits should be the work people do when they're not getting paid for it.

Oh, and I note, Minister Abbott, that you still haven’t initiated suit against Terry Sharples for defamation. Whazza matter, Tones? When it comes to taking a/the stand, you only seem to believe in back-seat driving. And now Centrelink has picked up your disease too, with their money and their mouth off in two different directions.

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